I am a fairly new mother of 4 children…ages 1, 9, 11 and 13  (April 2017).  I married Jared in 2014 who came as a bonus package deal with 3 young boys 5, 7 and 9.  It was quite an adjustment but not in the way most people would expect.  For me it was an identity adjustment…I had never imagined myself as a step mum (horrible word) and felt like people were looking at me in my new role.  The boys themselves I’ve found to be a fairly easy adjustment and since then we have had a son taking the new total to 4 boys.   I am loving having 4 boys and most of the time we live in a peaceful happy home.  The older boys are respectful, grateful and helpful.  We say grace at dinner time and they regularly thank God that they live in a good family and in a good country.  They almost without fail say thank you for dinner and eat whatever it is with enthusiasm.  They get themselves ready for school in the morning even before we are out of bed sometimes… that means dressed for school, breakfast eaten, lunch made, shoes on, chores done and bedroom tidied.   A more recent development has been getting homework done  without being asked,  I got sick of feeling like the bad guy making them do homework so decided I needed to self motivate them.  I am always looking for ways to make things tick smoothly and hope to share some of these ideas with you…often simple but they do work!  My whole life I have been interested in observing child behavior and personalities and quietly analyzing what works. It has often been obvious to me why some kids are misbehaving and knowing it doesn’t have to be that way but also knowing people are doing their best. I have always had this in built thing in me for helping children be their best.  I  have run YMCA childrens programmes, nannyed, mentored, led Sunday school and many other roles with children over the years,  the whole time my mind looking out for the best ways to lead them.  I hope in my blog to share some of these simple ideas and observations and that they may of help to those reading.  I may stray to other topics if I think I have something of value there too.  I want to keep this fun and a way to share the deep well of things that goes on inside my head!

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  1. A very delayed reply sorry! I find I’m not as regular as I would like on here …ill blame my toddler 🙂 But also have been deiciding whether to keep up writing as it gets very little views…but for now I’ll do it for my enjoyment if no one else! Wow you guys do have a full house too. I love having a big family!


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